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Jean-Claude DAMENO


Jean-Claude DAMENO, or a story of success.

Having founded the agency in the 1970s, Jean-Claude DAMENO used his natural business sense to achieve remarkable entrepreneurial success.

A man of values, and a pioneer who sets high standards for himself and others, he is emblematic of that group of visionaries who have proved themselves capable of adapting quickly and brilliantly to the demands of an uncompromising era focused on modernity and constant innovation.


Persevering, pushing oneself and pursuing excellence – all are candidates for the maxims by which this sophisticated and unassuming gentleman with a passion for yachting and fine dining strives to live.


General Director

A passion for entrepreneurship passed down from father to son.

Franck Dameno continues the skillful practice of combining strong traditional values with an openness to a modern world where the new opportunities are undoubtedly numerous and exciting, but also much more complex than in the past.

Introduced to the business from a very young age, then patiently working his way up through the ranks after proving himself across the different parts of the family group, he finally directed his focus towards leading the property agency in 2007.

Franck Dameno embodies that generation of men who understand that to ensure the longevity of a family business, however well established it may be, it is essential to evolve, taking into account the factors of globalisation and the modern world.

Bolstered by the network he has built over the course of his varied career and thanks to his deep roots within the microcosm of Monaco, Franck Dameno enjoys the full confidence of Jean-Claude Dameno, his father, with whom he now leads Dameno Immobilier.

Sébastien DAMENO

Marketing Director / Broker

A strong spirit for development 

Marketing Director of the agency, he is also an investment advisor and negotiator. 

His various experiences in the entrepreneurship field allow him to have an incisive and precise vision upon the real estate market in Monaco. 

His inborn sense of development always pushes him towards more growth.



Rita Canzano: a calm force to be reckoned with!

Rita Canzano is an exceptional property broker, whose skills are universally recognized by both fellow professionals and clients:

-       An excellent network, particularly within the region’s English- and Italian-speaking communities;

-       Detailed knowledge of the property sector in Monaco and the wider region, drawing on her 25 years of experience with our agency;

-       Outstanding empathy, which imbues her with infinite patience and a remarkable ability to listen.

Rita’s perfect blend of these qualities means that you can rely on calm, effective support.



Elodie Agorreta: strong expertise and interpersonal skills from our talented young star!

With more than ten years’ experience in property, Elodie Agorreta quickly made her mark at our agency.

The invaluable skills of this multilingual young broker (she speaks French, English, Spanish and Italian) have won the trust of our clients, who fully appreciate her great strengths:

-       Knowledge of the Monegasque and French property markets

-       Unquestionable attention to detail

-       Remarkable insight

-       Unswerving perseverance

With Elodie by your side, you will have just the support you need to ensure a successful outcome!


Executive Assistant

Our secretarial staff

As the primary interface with our clients, Elodie Deparis is the face of our agency.

An outstanding executive secretary, she quickly won over not only our team, but everyone we deal with too – clients, prospective buyers, partners and casual visitors.

Following a nearly 20-year professional career as an executive assistant for respected property agencies in Monaco and the wider region, Elodie made herself indispensable to the smooth operation of our agency in record time, thanks to her invaluable skills:

-       A sense of initiative and a proactive approach. Elodie is a source of ideas and her suggestions, which reflect a remarkably open outlook, help to identify areas for improvement and innovative ways to better serve our clients.

-       A meticulous attention to detail and organisational skills, strengths which she skilfully combines with an agile and versatile approach to work.

-       Team spirit and a sense of collaboration, married with an ability to work entirely independently.

-       Additional key ingredients that ensure a perfect blend of professional skills and human qualities: a sociable nature, courtesy and a stock of unwavering goodwill.

Whatever you need – whether it’s simply to be put in touch with someone or some more focused research – Elodie offers a sympathetic ear and tailored support to point you in the right direction.

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